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Oxford Garden Studio

When we were asked to design this studio, we were struck by the beautiful ancient woodland setting we would be working with. Focused around a contemporary cedar-clad residential property, this two-part project incorporated a studio in the rear garden as well as front garden design.


The studio is integrated into the woodland landscape, with a cladding in charred larch to help it sit back into the landscape and a green roof of sedum and ferns. It is connected to the house by a woodland boardwalk across the forest ground. Asymmetrically pitching the roof sculpted the interior space and made it feel more dynamic while the interior ply birch cladding accentuated its woodland feel texturally and also through scent. The studio is being used as an exercise studio. The large windows afford magnificent and calming views out into the woodland.


The front garden flows with the contemporary style of the house, featuring a series of staggered pathways using plank paving with gravel and tufts of Irish moss in between. Large blocks of tall grasses (Calamagrostis, Miscanthus) and spots of colour from flowering perennials (Anthriscus sylvestris, Verbena bonariensis) provide structure and visual interest throughout the year, while pleached Prunus laurocerasus provides privacy and screening.