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Create the perfect blueprint for your green space.

Welcome to Locorum&.

Who We Are

We are a landscape and garden design practice focused on creating bespoke outdoor spaces and landscapes to be admired and enjoyed.

We believe the garden is just as much a reflection of an owner’s personality, character and style as the interior. Subtle or bold, traditional or contemporary, bright or muted – the choices we make are very personal; they have a tremendous bearing on the atmosphere we create and how it makes us feel. We pay attention to the details as the finishing touches make the difference, unconsciously enhancing our sensory experience of ‘being’.

We believe in the experiential power of landscapes to enhance wellbeing, bring community together, make people feel good while being a tranquil escape and beneficial to different species of wildlife. We strive to establish life-affirming natural green spaces where they don’t currently exist and enhance the natural beauty of existing ones.

We listen and observe

That’s why, before we get into the design process, we take time to observe and to listen. Our approach is based on an appreciation of the vernacular in question and the desires of our clients.

We ask questions

We don’t pick a design off-the-shelf. We ask questions. We note what you like and what you don’t like.

We deliver

Ultimately, we ensure we deliver a garden you can proudly recognise as your own and a landscape that will be enjoyed by many for years to come.