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Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Garden Room Design

For many people, A garden room can offer almost endless possibilities, enhancing and elevating the way you experience your outdoor spaces. Whether you’ve dreamed of a zen studio space, a place to work or simply want to bring the outside – in, a garden room can provide the vital connection you’ve been looking for.

The benefits a garden room can bring

A connection to your outdoor space will enhance your ability to be creative, calm and concentrated. This can be an especially valuable benefit if your home is a hive of activity, offering you a place of calm tranquillity, a haven from the daily routine of the usual living space.

Garden rooms offer a chance to engage with your work, your passions, and of course your garden. And then there is the practical benefit – the extra space. We are all guilty of filling the space we have available with the monotony of day to day living, and retrospectively deciding that we need a home office or creative studio can be difficult to accommodate in even the most generous of primary living spaces.

Seamlessly link your garden with a comfortable living space

Garden rooms have a reputation for being the cold, draughty place of exile for unnecessary activities that don’t deserve dedicated space within the home. In reality garden rooms, when designed and constructed with care, are well insulated, light spaces that bring your garden, nature and natural light into your everyday living.

For many people, their homes and gardens are their comfort zone, especially today, when generally, we’re spending more time at home than ever. The ability to seamlessly connect both home and garden allows us to fully appreciate the value of our personal spaces at every level.

A space designed for your needs

Whether you need the extra space to work from home away from the hubbub of the family, or you want to forget the world around you to find creative inspiration, a custom-designed garden room can solve a multitude of problems.

Unlike a traditional in-home extension, where you are constrained by the existing structures, access and layout, a garden room offers you a chance to create a space that functions exactly as you need it. With limitless design possibilities, it is an opportunity to truly realise an enhanced experience that also ticks every practical box.

Where to begin… planning the perfect space

The atmosphere of the garden one creates should always be kept at the heart of any project. This is why it is important to plan any additional and especially structural elements carefully. Designs should enhance and not conflict with the overall experience to be truly happy with the outcome.

It may be that the garden room is intended as a hideaway that melts at the end of a winding path into the surrounding nature. It could also become the heart of the garden – a bold statement that invites you to enjoy the space within. Spending some time walking around the garden and envisaging the desired experience can provide vital inspiration when you’re thinking about the look and feel of your garden room.

Bringing your design ideas to life

Using a garden designer can really bring your ideas to life. Garden designers bring passion and a love of both nature and design to the table and can inspire through close consultation. With knowledge and experience, they can guide you through the process, from practical permissions and ideal siting positions to the delicate nature of an interior design that perfectly balances your needs and your desired atmosphere.

With a talent for transforming the results into beautiful designs, you can almost touch and feel the space before the project even gets above ground level.

Garden room projects to inspire

City Garden Room
Garden Studio in Woodland Setting

Can we help you?

Here at Locorum&, we hold the creation of your desired atmosphere at the very heart of our design process, letting you inspire us. We spend time understanding how our clients need to experience the spaces and use knowledge and passionate creativity to deliver a design masterplan that truly brings it to life.

We are always excited to hear about your projects. If we can help you to turn your ideas into the garden room you’ve always wanted, please contact us and let’s talk.

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